Final Fantasy Record Keeper launches on smartphones

By: John Michael Bennett


Lately, triple A video game companies have been breaking into the phone app market and SquareEnix is no exception. Previously, their games have been either ports of previous releases or terribly reviewed games with too many in-game app purchases. After having teamed up with another development company, DeNA, they have finally come out with a gem—the already well reviewed Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Record Keeper was first released in Japan in September 2014, but saw its North American release in March 2015. The game sees you as a protagonist, tasked with restoring memories of the Final Fantasy series—which you do so by relieving memorable battles in 8-bit format. The game starts off reliving the first battles of the illustrious Final Fantasy VII. From there, you unlock characters from old games; however, only five can be in the party at any given time.

In Final Fantasy fashion, you level characters and equip characters with weapons best suited for them. However, if story is all you want, you can limit the amount of time spent on strategy by clicking automatic customization—the app now assigning your characters their equipment.

While in-app purchases can assist with the game-play, it is not required to play through the game. The app itself is free, and if you limit your in-app purchases, the game will be one of the best Final Fantasy experiences for its price.

The game brings together the old 8-bit feel of Final Fantasy for Nintendo Entertainment System, while allowing you to relive all your favourite moments and unlock well-known characters to join you on the journey. This new game has a lot to offer, and one article will not do the experience justice—you can try the game for free today and see for yourself.


Final Fantasy Record Keeper is available on the Apple App Store ( and Google Play (

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