Interview with Gordon Little – Newfoundland Video Game Designer

By: Tiffany MacDonald


Gordon Little via Twitter

Gordon Little describes himself as a systems administrator by day, a game developer by night, and the father of three girls in between.

Although Little harboured dreams of video game design since his youth, with such a busy schedule game design never became a reality until late 2013, when a friend showed him an easy to use game making program called Construct 2. While most video games require languages to make, Construct 2 does most of the heavy lifting for you.

“[I could] focus on what I wanted the game to do, rather than figuring out how to even make the graphics show up on the screen,” said Little.

Two years later and Little has released multiple video games such as Starfighter: Research and Development, Ghosts, and Spell Casting 101. Little told us a little about his favourite title.

“One of my games is a line drawing game called Spell Casting 101 where you have to trace patterns quickly and accurately.  It’s my favourite because I got my 4 year old to do the voice effects like ‘Whoops’ ‘Uh-Oh’ and ‘Woo-Hoo!’” said Little. “When I showed it to her after it was done, her eyes lit up when she heard her own voice. That was special.”

Little states that his favourite part about making video games is interacting with the community online, and he especially values the feedback and comments he gets from fellow gamers all around the world.

“Being able to share screen shots of a work in progress and get comments and critiques from people in Canada, the United States, the UK, as far away as Australia is invigorating,” Little exclaimed.

For anyone with aspirations of video game development, Little shared some advice:

“The ability to make video games is available to everyone now. You are only limited by your creativity. For every moment you’ve dreamed of playing something that’s just not out there, or an old game you wish someone would make a modern version of. Now you can,” said Little. “Grab a high level designer like Game Maker or Construct 2 and start creating. Watch some YouTube tutorials; read a few articles. It’s not as hard as you might think. Share your work on Twitter, make some new friends.”

For more information about Gordon Little and his games, check out his website You can also follow Gordon on twitter at @G_O_R_D

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