High Roll Warriors: The Experience of Dungeons and Dragons Stream

By: Ashley Quirke

DND (1)

“Ok! Roll initiative!” Words that strike fear and excitement into the hearts of any Dungeons and Dragons player. For me, these words are extra exciting since I’ve been able to share one of my adventures with more than just the group I play with; The High Roll Warriors. Sandbox Gaming’s live Dungeons and Dragons stream project launched on March 10, 2015, and airs every second Tuesday at 6:30pm Newfoundland time on Sandbox Gaming’s Twitch channel.

For those who may not be familiar with it, Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop role playing game in which people play through adventures using the characters they’ve created. The players are guided through these adventures by another person called a Dungeon master. The Dungeon master serves as a narrator of sorts and tells the players scenarios such as what their characters can see as they enter a room, and what other people in the story are saying or doing. Their word is law when it comes to what is happening in-game. The players and the Dungeon master work together to tell a story, usually one of daring heroics and hilarious missteps.

The High Roll Warriors’ story begins in a small town called Tarek. Four brave friends arrive on a ferry from the island of Sonataile and are quickly drawn into a quest to find a lost dragon temple.  Our party consists of Nemeia; a tiefling sorcerer who loves to play with fire (Ashley Power), Anju Nalia; high elf cleric with an interesting taste in books (Jess Harris), Alabreon Hammerhand; a dwarven paladin who can tank any hit (Clint Gould), and Lucina Danger; a wood elf druid with a mysterious past (Ashley Quirke). The dungeon master for our group is Melanie Collins, a first time Dungeon master who outdoes herself with every new adventure.

What happens next you ask? There are two ways to catch up on our adventures so far, the first of which is to watch the archived episodes on Sandbox Gaming’s twitch channel www.twitch.tv/SandboxGamingNL. The second way to get up to date with what’s happening is to check out our blog: http://highrollwarriors.tumblr.com. This blog contains links to past episodes, as well as journal entries from the perspectives of the player characters that re-cap previous adventures.

One of the best things about being a part of Sandbox Gaming’s Dungeons and Dragons steam is being able to help share the story we are creating with other people. It is my hope that through this endeavor that people will enjoy watching our story unfold as much as we are enjoying creating it!

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