Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

By: Rachel Frederick


Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is definitely the right game for the Wii U. This game is very interactive; with the player having to make Kirby move through the levels by drawing a fancy rainbow rope in order to get him up to every platform, canon, or anywhere else the game wants to take us. In this new game, Kirby has decided that he wanted to take a step back on vacuuming people up and fighting with the lovely weapons you could find in other Kirby games, and just take a focus on being able to roll on by, having the ability to become a rocket if you get enough stars. Of course, there are few times where the lovely new friend, a little rainbow paintbrush fairy, decides that Kirby does need to have a moment of being more than just a ball and turns him into a submarine, rocket ship, or tank.

A nice feature they have added, that is becoming more popular in side scrolling games, is if you constantly die in a level it gives you the opportunity to move on, rather than getting forever stuck in the one level and never being able to finish enjoying the game. However, if you are like me that just spurs you on to wanting to make sure you pass it rather than giving up.

This game really is one of the few innovative ones that really makes you focus on the touch screen. Even though Nintendo is truly the first of its kind with creating the tablet, it seems that not many games have spent the time to use that feature and instead it is a map or a place where you can check your stats. However, Kirby is one of the few that makes you use it. This makes the game enjoyable, but at times can be frustrating. Especially when it comes to the water levels where the rope is all but used to only stop Kirby from going up to the surface when you want him to go down deeper in the water. And for enemies it seems a little bit slower when all you can do is avoid their attacks and spin into them constantly in order to kill them.

As well, having the ability to make it interactive with the tablet means it lacks in the multiplayer mode. Even though it is still fun and interactive to have a second player, that player has to run around and it is hard for them to run up the rope that is created if you make it too vertical. But to make up for that they added the feature where close to the ending of the first level in every world, the main enemies, these creepy hands with mouths in its palms and an evil plan up their non-existent sleeves, will pop up and try to grab at Kirby and if they are successful they will take him off screen. Kirby, being a ball who no longer has the capacity to have arms, is defenceless against this enemy, and usually any attempts to thwart them will end in being grabbed and dragged. So therefore it is up to the second player to use their character’s spear and keep the hand away, which is a fun addition.

In the end this game is really fun for its interaction of the Wii-U’s tablet, but lacks in its ability to be able to have the full multiplayer experience that Kirby has come to be known for, with some levels pretty much making the second player useless all together. But the artwork behind it is beautiful and really well done, and as for someone like myself who had not played that many Kirby games as of yet, it really is a nice introduction into the Kirby world, or just a great addition to go with the rest of the Kirby collection.

Rating 8/10

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