One Night Ultimate Werewolf, The best way to kill your friends!

By: James Reid


If you’ve ever been to a Sandbox Gaming board game event, you’ve probably seen a group of people standing around a table with their eyes closed listening to a phone, only to sit back down and proceed to yell at each other for ten minutes. Well, this is a little game made by Bézier Games called One Night Ultimate Werewolf. This game takes the elements of the party/forum game Mafia and makes it much easier to organize.

How it works: The game is quite simple, yet very complicated. Everyone gets a card with a specific role on it, looks at it in secret, then lays it face down on the table; this is when the night starts. Everyone closes their eyes and listens to the phone app until it calls out their role, they then proceed to do whatever their character’s ability allows them to do—whether it is switching other players’ cards, looking at cards in the middle, etc. Once everyone is done their roles, it’s time to wake up and let the real fun begin. Each game takes about ten minutes, but the memories will last a lifetime.

Objective: The objective of the game is to figure out who is a werewolf in a limited amount of time. This may sound simple, but it’s really not. No one really knows much of anything, you will likely not be 100 per cent sure what card you have after the night is complete. All the information you know is based on what your character had before the night phase. Determining who is friend or foe is where the fun comes in; where trust, hatred, and bluffing comes into play. You need to work together as a group to figure out what roles everyone has by revealing what you did in the night to try to convince people that you are what you say you are. The only problem is that, a lot of people are going to lie to protect themselves; no werewolf is going to come out straight as a werewolf—or will they?

This is an incredible game to bring to a party, board game night, or just for a few friends to play while hanging out. A large part of this games fun is that no one game will ever play out exactly the same as another. It’s fun to just see what role you get at the beginning of the game, try to figure out how you want to play it, come out with a bit of a plan, then have it completely destroyed by the chaos that comes along with this game. It’s also a great ice breaking, a way of meeting new people, and an outlet to kill them when the game is over. The rounds may only be a maximum of ten minutes each, but you’ll play it over and over again so much that it’ll go on for hours if you let it. Now there’s even a new Daybreak expansion adding new roles and more replay ability. Definitely a must have game for any party game fan.


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