E3 Nintendo Direct Coverage

By: Trish Thompson


Sadly disappointing is Nintendo’s Direct video that started off E3 Tuesday (June 16) with many face palms and rage. This year, Nintendo has left fans with so much disappointment over new titles that they revealed, one of them even has a petition started to stop the game from being developed any further. Funny enough, I found Nintendo’s presentation to be the best and most entertaining. Most if not all of the content of the video was revealed on the previous days of E3. This is what they talked about:

Star Fox Zero

  • Holiday 2015, WiiU
  • Arwing can transform into ground chicken, can use motion controls to move the Arwing

Skylander SuperChargers

  • WiiU
  • Adding vehicles and corresponding statues for characters to ride in, Skylander/Amiibo crossover – DK and Bowser + vehicles = The figures can switch between Skylander and Amiibo functions

Triforce Heroes

  • Fall 2015, 3DS
  • New Zelda Four Swords game by the looks of it, but only 3 characters, multiplayer dungeon crawler, more co-op than competitive, can play as single player, the other two Links are AI, can wear different costumes to gain different abilities – ex: PJ’s, Zelda’s Dress

Hyrule Warriors Legends

  • Q1 2016, 3DS
  • Reimagining of the WiiU v, adding additional characters and stages from Wind Waker such as the King of the Red Lions and Tetra

Metroid Prime Federation Force

  • 2016, 3DS
  • Blast Ball is a mini game within it? Co-op Multiplayer missions set in the Metroid Universe

Fire Emblem Fates

  • 2016, 3DS
  • Art Style looks amazing

Fire Emblem + Shinigami Tensei

  • 2016, WiiU

XenoBlade Chronicles X

  • December 14, 2015

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Game:

  • September 2015
  • Amiibo Cards also being released same day

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival

  • With 8 Animal Crossing amiibos to be released Holiday 2015

Yoshi’s Woolly World

  • WiiU + Amiibo
  • Co-op play, use other Amiibos to change how Yoshi looks. i.e., Mario, Samus, Poochie helps you out

Yokai Watch – 3DS

  • Similar to Pokémon

Mario and Luigi Paper Jam

  • Spring 2016 3DS
  • Mario and Luigi: Dream Team meets Paper Mario, looks interesting

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash

  • Holiday 2015, WiiU
  • Showed a bit of gameplay, characters can grow big

Mario Maker

  • September 11, 2015, WiiU
  • Costume Mario, tap a compatible amiibo to change how Mario looks in game. e.g.: Samus, Link etc…8 bit Mario 30 year anniversary amiibo to be released with the game

Lets Super Mario

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