Sandbox Selects: Game Franchises Needing Revivals

Compiled By:  James Reid

So many of our favorite childhood franchises bit the dust too soon or just went in the completely wrong direction. Everyone has that one franchise they would love to see get revived–regardless of how hopeless these dream might be. Here are some of our members picks on what gaming franchises they would like to see revived!

1) Amanda Power (Committee Member) – Silent Hill


When P.T. became a viral sensation, it gave us hope that the Silent Hill series might get a fresh revamp to break away from the mediocre titles of recent years. Then internal politics at Konami interfered, and Hideo Kojima left the company. Guillermo del Toro confirmed that Silent Hills was officially canceled, killing the ultimate revamp collaboration from a master of storytelling, a master of horror, and Daryl from The Walking Dead.

2) Matthew Daniels (Committee Member) – Legacy of Kain

soul reaver

Vae victis – woe to the conquered. This is Kain’s battle cry, and a theme of the series. It is about conquest, and features vampires fighting ghosts – both metaphorical and literal. Not cool enough? Consider the gothic imagery, mythological references, and compelling themes such as the degradation of society and the fluidity of power. Plus the Dark Gifts are really cool. Now add modern graphics, trophies, more story, online features, and honed gameplay. Vae victis indeed.

3) Angie Strowbridge (Volunteer)  – Lost Kingdoms


Lost Kingdoms, is an early GameCube game that flew way under the radar. The gameplay was really unique, where you summoned creatures in real time RPG combat system. You could level up and evolve them like Pokémon, it was a great game. The game was made by From Software, who have exploded in popularity due to’s success. I’d like to see them take a stab at this series again after all they have learnt from the souls game and their much bigger fan base to support it.

4) Melanie Collins (Board Member) – Pokémon Snap


Pokémon Snap was one of those “inconsequential” games from most people’s childhoods. It wasn’t an extreme challenge to finish, and not even necessarily difficult to complete at 100% if you spent a bit of time, but most people who’ve played it retain a strong sense of positive nostalgia for this little game, and everyone seems to agree: We have incredible technology at our fingertips to make this game outstanding now. Even aside from the obligatory graphics update, and the ability to make a much larger and more involved game, even having it remain a “rail shooter” with the WiiU’s GamePad abilities would be at worst a fantastic tribute to a silly and innovative game, and at best a hilariously fun, refreshing game in its very own right. C’mon Nintendo, what’s the deal?

5) Ashley Quirke (Committee Member) – Spyro The Dragon


As a kid, the Spyro the Dragon franchise was one of my favorites. I just lived for running around bright, colorful worlds and torching sheep for fun. As I grew up, I feel like the Spyro games grew with me, culminating in the 2008 release of Dawn of the Dragon. In this game, Spyro has done some growing up, and can even fly! And then… came Skylanders, a continuation/spinoff of the original series. This game is based on buying figures to use as playable characters. One of which is Spyro. A cute franchise in its own right, but it’s just not the Spyro games I know and love. I would love to see a new game made about what happens after the events of Dawn of the Dragon. I really want to know what happens next!

6) Clint Gould (Volunteer) – Actraiser


Actraiser – A series where you played as The Master, an omnipotent God who takes the body of a warrior to save the land from evil. The first game was a grand combination of action adventure mixed with town simulator that worked really well for its time. The second game had more refined character control, but felt slower, and lacked the simulator gameplay. I’d love to see a third game similar to the first one, but with more creativity toward the Sim gameplay. One such idea would be a good/evil system that can control how your population grows, and gives you abilities based on the decisions you made. Overall, it’s a timeless classic that should not have ended at the time it did.

7) Adrian Priestley (Committee Member) – S.T.A.L.K.E.R.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl, along with its two spinoff sequels Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat, is a first-person shooter, survival horror title set after a hypothetical, second nuclear incident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. In this alternate reality, you play as a Stalker, tasked with completing various missions in and around the zone surrounding the plant. I have to place emphasis on the term “survival” because you really have to scavenge in this game. You also have a very limited carrying capacity so inventory management is very important. This, in combination with a superbly horrific atmosphere makes for a truly immersive experience. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is a series that needs a revival.

8)  John Michael Bennett (President) – Super Mario Bros.


Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 are two of my favourite games, along with Super Mario Bros.: Lost Levels. I was really excited when they decided to reboot the series under New Super Mario Bros. for the DS and while the new games are good, it’s not what I’m looking for. Ditch the newer graphics and the gimmicky multiplayer and give me a straight forward old-school sidescrolling under the Super Mario Bros. title–much like they did with Mega Man 9 and 10. Could easily work as a WiiU or 3DS Download-only game.

9) Carl Moores (Volunteer) – F-Zero


Nintendo’s second most loved lapsed franchise (hello Metroid). No other title, despite its lacklustre sales, has begged for the online treatment more. The excitement of a 30 car race, voice chat or no–I don’t need those kids on Xbox live hurling abuse anyway–ranked battles. Nintendo, you have the keys, let’s go 500kmh.

10) Trish Thompson (Board Member) – Metroid


Metroid Prime was released in NA on November 17th, 2002 for GameCube and has swept the gaming world off its feet. Nintendo has released a Metroid Prime game for each of their home consoles since GameCube, so where is the WiiU one? They could follow up on the mysterious ship that followed Samus into hyperspace, a video only seen if you finish the game with 100% completion. Nintendo needs to redeem themselves after that Metroid: Other M fiasco, and this could do it. It could seal the deal if they also give us an option to choose between motion controls and controller. And no, we’re not counting that new 3DS one.

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