Sandbox Selects: E3 Games We Are Excited For!

Compiled By: John Michael Bennett

E3 finished up two weeks ago, but many of us at Sandbox Gaming are pretty excited for what we saw. While some elements of the conferences weren’t mind-blowing, there was still enough good for us to get hyped about what is around the corner.

Ten of us took the time to pick one game we were ecstatic about—here’s the list, in no particular order!

1) Ashley Quirke (Committee Member) – Fire Emblem Fates


Though the newest Fire Emblem title was officially announced for Japan during the January Nintendo Direct, E3 revealed that the title will be released in North America, under the name Fire Emblem Fates. For the first time in the series, Fire Emblem Fates will be released as two separate versions, with a third storyline being released via DLC. Not exciting enough? The Developers say that players will have to make big choices that will have an impact on the outcome of the story. If this game turns out as good as it sounds, the replay value will be phenomenal.

2) Nick Boyd (Board Member) – Star Wars Battlefront


This November, we return to a classic series in Star Wars Battlefront. This standalone game goes far beyond what this game originally supported being a fully developed Next Generation game. Most excitedly, the online component features 40 person battles, much larger than most multiplayer shooters, which will really help to create the feel of a real “battle” as opposed to the small skirmishes typical of your everyday shooter. In addition the game will allow you to play as characters from the star wars universe and pilot a variety of vehicles to create a full scale interactive star wars experience. In addition a rich customization system will be available for players allowing the customization of characters themselves, abilities, and weapons. All in all it should allow for a very fun star wars based shooter experience.

3) Angie Strowbridge (Volunteer) – Nier 2

Nier 2 girl

At E3 Square Enix Announced the surprise sequel to Nier, a game unnoticed by most, but beloved by those who played it. Nier was a unique game, rich in style that took risks with its narrative and overall design. Unfortunately the gameplay was rather cumbersome which held the game back from greatness. Thankfully however, Platinumgames of Bayonetta fame are assisting with development. If the sequel sticks to what made the original stand out whilst utilizing the finesse Platinum is known for, Nier 2 will be fantastic.

4) Craig Ryan (Committee Member) – Mass Effect: Andromeda


The Mass Effect series has always delivered an engaging story, great character interaction, and increasingly intense and entertaining combat. Bioware is giving the characters from the previous three games a well-earned rest with their new title, Mass Effect: Andromeda. From the announcement trailer at E3, to current news coming from the development team, hopes should be high for yet another amazing game that promises to improve the series with its release in 2016.

5) Emily Learning (Volunteer) – Unravel


I’m excited about Unravel, and not just because of it’s precious E3 presentation–although it definitely helped! I can’t wait to play through the game’s visually stunning levels as the cute protagonist Yarny, and to experience the unique gameplay, in which you solve puzzles by unravelling yarn. I’m also interested in the emotional aspects of the game’s story, which is about piecing someone’s life together. All in all, Unravel looks absolutely adorable, and I can’t wait to play it!

6) Matt Daniels (Committee Member) – No Man`s Sky

No Man's Sky

When I was a smaller human, I played a game for the Sega Genesis called Starflight. Ever since, I’ve wanted something on a bigger, prettier scale. The game included a crew of various races and skill sets I could put together, a ship, a land rover (for mining and exploring the surfaces of planets), and an entire galaxy to harvest/ conquer/ explore. No Man’s Sky promises a galaxy like that. With dinosaurs.

7) Clint Gould (Volunteer) – Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam


As a fan of the Mario & Luigi RPG series since Superstar Saga, I’m excited to not only hear this game is coming out, but that it features Paper Mario as an ally to the brotherly duo. The Mario & Luigi series tests your ability to dodge or counter enemy attacks by paying attention to their movements, and you’ll need to do that in order to avoid a hasty defeat. What disappoints me though, is that Paper Mario himself hasn’t been revealed to get a 5th instalment to the Paper Mario series, which it needed after it failed to make a landmark game after The Thousand-Year Door. That being said, I’m excited to give this game a try, as it will give me hours upon hours of fun gameplay.

8) John Michael Bennett (President) – Super Mario  Maker


When I was younger, I used to play with NES rom hacks, where you could attempt to build your own levels in Super Mario Bros. 3. It was pretty hard to use, but a whole lot of fun. Besides that, I have always wanted to see them do a Super Mario Bros. game like the old ones—now with this new maker, we`ll have access to unlimited amounts of levels. This is the game I am most excited for this year by far.

9) Tiffany MacDonald (Committee Member) – Fallout 4

Fallout 4

After years of speculation and continued hope by Bethesda fans, Fallout 4 was officially revealed at this years E3, and it did not disappoint. Bethesda came out swinging at their first ever E3 press conference, and showed tons of in-game footage of the title, assuring us that this is the Fallout 4 everyone has been waiting for. For the first time ever, you will experience life before the nuclear disaster, before waking up from a vault and exploring the wastelands of Boston. Fallout 4 is releasing this November, and gaming fans of all genres should be excited, as this is shaping up to be an instant classic.

10) James Reid (Committee Member) –  Kingdom Hearts III


Out of all the games shown at E3, one of the ones I’m most excited for would have to be Kingdom Hearts III. I personally am a big fan of the franchise even though I haven’t played all of the games out yet but I plan on doing so and Kingdom Hearts III only makes me want to finish the rest even more. The gameplay trailer shown at E3 shows that this sequel is taking everything we know and love about Kingdom Hearts and going above and beyond with it. The story of Kingdom Hearts has always been an incredible one and I’m excited to see where Kingdom Hearts III takes it.

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