Life is Strange – Exciting Episodic dealing with Time Travel & Mystery

By: Rachel Frederick


Life is Strange is a game made by Square Enix and Dontnod. It is an episodic game where every choice you make will change the way that the game is played, as well as change the past, present or future. Currently they only have three of the five chapters released, but the way the current chapters have played out will make you addicted and impatiently waiting for the next chapter to be released. Or, if you’re really addicted to it like me, it means you keep playing through the chapters that are currently out there in order to see what happens when you do change your answers. You can get these episodes through Steam, PS Network, or Xbox Live.

Life is Strange is about a girl named Max Caulfield who has moved back to her home town after moving away to Seattle five years ago. She moved back to attend Blackwell Academy as she is a budding photographer, and the teacher at this high school is one of the best known teachers for photography. The game starts off with a very realistic dream where Max finds herself at the lighthouse during a giant tornado that breaks the light off of it and almost kills her. Waking up, she finds herself in her classroom which is filled with the typical students, preppy girls who are bullying one girl, and other students who don’t seem to be as big of characters within the game itself but who you can still interact with, and those interactions will affect your success in the game. While the game starts off with you only being able to view what is on Max’s desk, you still have to pay attention to what is happening around her because it comes back later–which is a common occurrence in the game.

I do not have many complaints about this game, with the main one being about how long it is taking for the 4th episode to be released. But I know that it means that we are going to have a great episode when it is released. Another minor complaint is probably more geared towards the PC version in general, but sometimes when trying to rewind time it either goes way too fast or too slow, and if you accidentally start reversing time, you usually can’t stop it until it reaches to a major moment that changed your answer in game.

The game constantly becomes more complicated. It starts out as Max just trying to find where she belongs in the classroom while getting back into her old city, but soon becomes a much deeper mystery about a girl who has gone missing, and the potential people who are connected to this girl and her disappearance. If you are interested in a game that has a lot of mystery behind it, or if you are a fan of the television show Pretty Little Liars then you may be interested in this game, but unlike that show I’m pretty sure you’ll find the answers out by chapter five.

The cliff-hanger they left in chapter three has opened so much possibilities for the company to take this game, and I am excited to see what will come of their ideas. Another thing to compliment this game about is the soundtrack; it is an amazing soundtrack that really flows with how the game. This game is not what I expected when I bought it through the Steam sale, but I am so glad I did, because it has easily become one of my favourite games.


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2 Responses to Life is Strange – Exciting Episodic dealing with Time Travel & Mystery

  1. Great review! I’ve been wanting to check out this game. Now I’m just wondering if I should buy the episodes now or wait until they’re all released to save myself the anguish of waiting. Keep up the good work!


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