Tales from the Borderlands Review

By: Jillian Thistle


When Telltale announced that they were setting one of their infamous episodic games in Gearbox’s Borderlands universe, a lot of fans, myself included, were worried about how it could even work. For those unfamiliar with Borderlands, the 3 game long series is a first person shooter based around finding monster filled Vaults and killing the monsters for the loot and saving the wasteland of Pandora in-between. Telltale games rarely have any action scenes. To take an action packed game and turn it into something similar to a point and click game sounded really dumb. Yet Telltale did it, and they may have done a better job with the universe Gearbox created than Gearbox did in their last installment.

For any fans of telltale games this game is a must. It is dark, and yet still holds true to a Borderlands feel. Borderlands is known for being action packed, funny, and having a horrible sense of humor. This game has all the things we expected and loved form Borderlands. It has a face peeling pizza, a chance for your character to use the “deal with it meme” – sunglasses falling onto her face and all, and even a half hour long battle done in the style of old school video games.

Besides staying true to Borderlands, this series gave us the heart tugging that people have come to expect from Telltale. You’re going to make choices you don’t want to and you’ll have to live with it. Characters you love or love to hate will not make it and the game makes sure you know it’s all your fault. This game might make your choices matter more than any other Telltale game. In the finale you can bring back many old faces from previous episodes but only if they trust you or you didn’t kill them. If you attack a character in a former chapter chances are they won’t risk their lives to help you in the end so you need to pick your actions carefully even from the first episode.

All in all Tales from the Borderlands is my favorite Telltale game and close to my favorite Borderlands game. It has everything I expected from Telltale and everything I expected from Gearbox and they meshed perfectly. If you are a fan of either company I strongly urge you to play this game. Even if you don’t like Telltale games, if you play Borderlands you need to play this as it sets up the next Borderlands and everything in the world of Pandora is changing. If it is changing for the better, or for the worse is up to you.


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