Sandbox Selects: Our 10 favourite Scary Games for Halloween

Compiled by: Rachel Frederick

It is only a few days until Halloween! October is a great month to let your inner scaredy cat out and test your bravery. For Sandbox Gaming, we enjoy celebrating this great month by streaming scary games as much as possible for everyone to watch us have heart attacks. So in a great celebration of the Scaredy Cat Gaming, and enjoying the spooky month of Halloween, We  compiled a list of our favourite Halloween games for everyone to enjoy.

So please enjoy our list of spooky horror games in no particular order that some members of Sandbox Gaming loves to enjoy for this spooky month!

  1. Rachel Frederick (Committee Member) – Left 4 Dead


While this game is probably the least “scary” of this list, it is still a great game to play for Halloween. With there being two versions, with different characters, towns, and special zombies, this game will be sure to get your blood pumping while you fight to survive. Plus the special zombies can give lots of opportunity for jump-scares, especially if you piss off the witch or the tank comes running. This zombie-rific game will be sure to get you in the mood to celebrate the undead of Halloween.

  1. Matt Daniels (Volunteer) – Splatterhouse 2


May be inappropriate for young children, and cowards.

May be inappropriate for young children, and cowards.

If you’re looking for a game that lets you beat up grotesque monsters, than this is the game for you. When I was even more of a child than I am now, my mother wouldn’t let me watch The Simpsons. Too disturbing. Something about innocence, too. If she knew I was playing Splatterhouse 2 with my friends, she’d have had a conniption. But Mom, listen. I’m Rick, and I have a magic mask that empowers me to smite monsters. It was Rick in the ruins with the lead pipe. Surely you understand.

  1. Clint Gould (Volunteer) – Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

eternal darkness

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem was a game that I really enjoyed playing, and not for just the story. What gives this title its charm is that the fourth wall gets broken constantly, giving you the false impression that you deleted your save file instead of saving by accident. One of the reasons that would happen is low sanity, which was something you had to maintain as well as health. If your sanity got lower, you’d hear various sound effects, such as kids screaming, footsteps, and blades being sharpened, adding to the terrifying atmosphere of the game. The intriguing story, followed by messing with your mind made this game a wonderful and chilling experience.

  1. Trish Thompson (Board Member) – Dead Space Series


If you want to get the poop scared out of you this Halloween then the Dead Space series are the games for you! In the first Dead Space, you play as a ship systems engineer named Issac Clarke who just wanted to contact his girlfriend who was stationed on a mining ship called the Ishimura by accepting a mission to help repair the damaged ship. What could have been a cute reunion between lovers’ turns into a never-ending nightmare as you fight against the Necromorph scourge and uncover the truth about the creatures’ existence. This game definitely met its quota for having plenty of jump scares and overall creepiness to make it one of the scariest survival horror to date.

  1. Melanie Collins (Board Member) – Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth


I don’t play scary games. I really, honestly, can’t. I can kind of watch other people play scary games, but even then I spend a lot of time hiding or suggesting other things to do – even when I was the one who asked them to play the game. The scariest game I ever watched get played was Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth for the original Xbox. The game was very, very good for atmosphere at the time, and set you at perfect unease almost immediately. The moment I had to put my foot down and say “No, we can’t play this around me anymore” was a chase scene that happens pretty early, you wake up in the middle of the night and the visuals and controls are groggy. You have to escape your room, lock a door behind you, move furniture in the way, and do that again, seemingly un-endingly, as people come after you with axes and guns and probably a pitchfork. I have never, before or since, been more anxious watching a game. And no, I never watched any further.

  1. Amanda Power (Committee Member) – Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly


Fatal Frame 2 brought us a solid horror game with all the ingredients of a great Japanese ghost story. Creepy old village? Check. Bloody rituals gone wrong? Check. Schoolgirl protagonists? Double check. Twin sisters Mio and Mayu must escape the haunted Lost Village with only a camera obscura – the series’ signature ghost busting weapon – for protection. Fatal Frame 2 has plenty of scares and fights with murderous ghosts, wrapped up in a story of sisterly love and heartbreaking sacrifice. You’ll never look at a butterfly the same way again.

  1. Ashley Quirke (Committee Member) – Return to Castle Wolfenstein


as a kid, it didn’t take much to scare me. I never played scary games, ever. That is, until the day my cousin brought over Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I was hooked from the moment he got the lightning gun, so he gave it to me. The ambient music could get spooky sometimes, which didn’t help, but the monsters in that game were downright terrifying to me as a young girl. I’m pretty sure that many of my childhood nightmares could be attributed to my time playing Wolfenstein. Despite it terrifying me, I still loved that game. Definitely a game I would recommend for a good Halloween fright.

  1. Angie Strowbridge (Volunteer) – Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.


Shattered Memories is a retelling of the story from the first Silent Hill game. What makes this game so special is the way in which it blend its narrative with the gameplay by keeping track of the decisions and tailor the experience to you. This game also makes amazing use of the wii-mote which greatly contributes to the games effective atmosphere. Overall Shattered Memories is a memorable experience, and I definitely recommend this game even if you have a passing interest in horror games.

  1. Jess Harris (Volunteer) – Fatal Frame 3


Fatal Frame 3, in my opinion, is the scariest of the Fatal Frame series. This game does a fantastic job of making you feel helpless during parts of the game. One of my favorite, if not frustrating , parts of the game involves playing as a character named Kei, who has no way to fight ghosts and needs to go stealth mode. I really support the “fighting is not the answer” or “fighting is not always the answer” choices in the horror genre so that was right up my alley! Plus as another great game of the series, it is another game you should definitely consider for celebrating Halloween.

  1. Rachel Frederick (Committee Member) – Until Dawn


In 2015, there is no way that you can talk horror and not talk Until Dawn. A brand new game exclusive for Sony, it will make you never want to go on a mountain excursion ever again. Starting off as your typical high school slasher, 6 friends go up to their rich friend’s villa a year after their two friends – who are twins – mysteriously disappeared, and most likely died. After these friends brilliantly start to break into small groups, things start to go wrong, leading them into a dark mystery that the mountain seems to have been hiding for decades. Lots of jump-scares, and even more gore makes this game incredibly scary, but yet addicting enough that you want to find out what happens to these friends. Because in the end, these characters will either live or die and it’s up to you to decide their fate.

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