Play-Testing Mochanopoly: A Recipe for Success!

By: Ashley Quirke


Before Christmas, myself and some other Sandbox Gamers got the opportunity to experience Mochanopoly. That is, we got to go in and do a test run before they officially opened. As someone who was looking forward to going there for a while, I was really looking forward to this. I had high hopes, and – Spoiler Alert! I was not disappointed. Their location, 204 Water Street in St. John’s, provides a very clean, comfortable look, with a fair amount of table space for board games.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was how bright and happy the place looked. A great atmosphere for a cozy evening of table top gaming. Even from first glance their menu looked fantastic. There were lots of delicious items to choose from; from sandwiches, to warm drinks, to what I knew I had to immediately order; milk and cookies. After about 15 minutes, a plate of what I can only assume were fresh out of the oven Nutella cookies was brought to my table along with a cool glass of white milk. It was love at first bite. The cookies were perfectly chewy and full of warm, Nutella-ey goodness. They paired wonderfully with the cool milk. They definitely left me excited to try more baked goods from Mochanopoly. A few of my friends ordered the Nutella latte and said they really enjoyed it. Another ordered a chicken caesar sandwich and said it was delightful. It was served with a side of potato chips, which I thought was a great touch. Ok, enough about the food – Did I mention it was really good? Because it was really good. I’ll get to the stuff you’ve all been waiting for. The games!


Mochanopoly’s fantastic game selection, featuring my favorite: milk and cookies! via Facebook

Their selection is incredible. Almost every game I could think of was there. My group had a lot of fun playing Exploding Kittens, and I even saw some people setting up Mouse Trap. They have multiple versions of Munchkin, and lots of expansions for various games – I saw a bunch for Settlers of Catan! They even own multiple copies of some popular games, which I thought was great! That way, multiple groups are able to play the same game at the same time. No having to fight over it. The prices were pretty great as well, $2.50 will buy you an hour of play time. Food prices were also very reasonable. I should also take a second to say that everyone working there at the time seemed really happy and friendly. I really enjoyed my time there. It was such a positive, fun place to be.

So if you’re looking for a little something different to do with your friends, a fun first date idea, or just a place to grab a nice milk and cookies after a rough day, definitely give Mochanopoly a try. I truly believe they’ve rolled a critical success!

For more information about Mochanopoly Café, feel free to check out their facebook page;

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