Super Mario Makers make “full games” for your enjoyment

By: John Michael Bennett

Mario Maker

Since its release in September 2015, Super Mario Maker, has seen over 6.2 million user-created levels uploaded. While many have been frustrated by terribly-designed levels, there are many great gems out there. Furthermore, since the game was released, some makers have went above and beyond and created “full games.” These creators have mapped out levels and worlds that has a more traditional learning curve, akin to any other game in the Mario series—and many of them are extremely creative.

While Super Mario Maker has not enabled users to create worlds or maps, the most basic method is to access the first level and from there, click on the “user” profile. From there, you can view all their levels, which are usually intuitively named, such as “1-1, 1-2…8-4”, providing easy access to these full games. You can also click on the bookmark links below, and bookmark the levels to your NNID. They’ll appear under the “bookmarks” sections in your game when you select “courses” in the course world.

This article features 5 full-game creations—technically 6 if you include a sequel. These are ranked in no particular order and by no means are a definitive list of the best out there. In fact, if you have a full-game you’d like us to play, and possibly featured in the future, feel free to email me at with the bookmark code to the first level in your game.

Each game features a short description, the level code, and a subjective difficulty standard. Normal is the difficulty of the original Super Mario Bros., while easy presents a fun game, but will be easier to complete that the dastardly 8-3 and 8-4 from the original title. Hard presents a steep learning curve, but great challenges.

1) FNA’s Game

FNA Game

One of the first full complete games, FNA set a great standard for others looking to make their own. Using the traditional 8 world, 4 levels formula, FNA hops from each of the four templates—Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros U—with great creativity and flow.

First Level Code:
Difficulty: Easy

2) Shy Guy World and Super Shy Guy World


This is technically two games, although both are separate with their own difficulty curves. These games take advantage of the amiibo feature, where Mario turns into one of the over 100 available in-game amiibo costumes. The creator does a really good job seamlessly integrating the Shy-Guy costume to make these adventures. Super Shy Guy World is the superior game, but that makes sense—as you develop more levels, you get better at it.

First Level Code (SGW) –
First Level Code (SSGW) –

Difficulty Level (SGW) – Easy
Difficulty Level (SSGW) – Normal

3) Mario Lost World


This game gives Super Mario World the Lost Levels treatment. Extremely creative design and extremely fun. However, this is the hardest of the featured games and the author admits they have yet to complete the final worlds.

First Level Code –
Difficulty Level – Hard

4) Super Atlas World

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 2.01.15 PM

Another Super Mario World-inspired game design. Taking the basic level making level formula to a whole new level, Super Atlas World does not disappoint. It is just a little easier than Lost World, but just as fun. The creator has already started releasing levels to its sequel, although currently it is incomplete. 

First Level Code –
Difficulty – Hard

5) Super Mario Bros. Special


Super Mario Bros. Special is a recreation of a little known game of the same name. While it was released before Super Mario Bros 2 (Lost Levels), it was developed by Hudson Soft. This recreation is as true as it can be given the mechanics. In the original game, it had screen by screen play, which is extremely annoying for a Mario game. This remake does a great job introducing fans to these unknown levels without the annoying mechanism.

First Level Code –
Difficulty – Easy

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