# Pokémon20: Sandbox Selects – Our Favourite First Generation Pokémon

Compiled by: Rachel Frederick

With Pokémon celebrating 20 years recently and the opportunity to get Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow on the virtual console for the 3DS. We thought there was no better way to honour the lovely games, shows, and movies than to talk about our own favourite Pokémon from the first 150 Pokémon we all got the opportunity to catch and fall in love with.

So please enjoy 10 of Sandbox Gaming’s volunteers, board members, and committee members’ favourite first generation Pokémon.

1. Matt Pond (Volunteer) – Charizard.


Let’s be honest here: deep down, we all think – nay, know – that Charmander is the best starter. Sure, Squirtle and Bulbasaur are cute and all, but come on, Charmander is both adorable and evolves into a freaking fire-breathing dragon! Who doesn’t want this beast on their team? This is why Charizard is the best Pokémon of all the first generation Pokémon. Speaking of which, can we talk about how Charizard is obviously a dragon type? It’s got wings and a monster face and it BREATHS FIRE! So why is it a flying type? Come on Nintendo, get it together. In conclusion, Vote Charizard 2016.

2. Jillian Thistle (Board Member) – Eevee.


Eevee is the best Pokémon out of the original. It’s not because it has an amazing design, it’s design is cute and nice, but not the best. It’s not because it’s powerful, because it’s really not strong. Eevee has unlimited possibilities. It can evolve into 3 different Pokémon in gen 1 and the little weakling can grow to be pretty powerful.

3. Mathias Templeton (Volunteer) – Magikarp.


Magikarp does not exactly have the attack stat to pick up important KOs, or the movepool to tear through teams, and its signature move does nothing more than create a meme – but Magikarp is still an inspiring Pokémon. Magikarp symbolizes that even the greatest things, start incredibly tiny. If you have the patience, and put in the effort, anything can become great. – The Exp. Share helps too.

4. Melanie Collins (Board Member) – Flareon


My very first Pokémon adventure introduced me to what would become my absolute favourite Pokémon: Eevee. However, my Squirtle-headed team was strongly lacking some type diversity, and after some internal conflict, I decided to say goodbye to my Eevee and hello to Flareon. I was immediately ecstatic; she was so beautiful, so fluffy, so cool, and she was a fire type! In that moment, I knew I had a made a good decision.

5. Kyle Heath (Volunteer) – Beedrill


Clearly Beedrill is the best generation I Pokémon. While yes, back in generation I he was weak to pretty much everything – including poison moves because bug and poison didn’t resist poison – but he was one of the few things that could take out the all-powerful Alakazam with his Twineedle attack.

6. Megan Brushett (Volunteer) – Arcanine

Arcanine 1

Evolved from Growlithe using a fire stone, Arcanine proudly stands tall as one of my favourite first generation Pokémon. Not only because of their majestic looks but for their various move set and strong physical abilities. Arcanine’s always have high stats and speed as well which is a bonus. If you choose a non-fire starter, Arcanine is a good choice for a powerful fire-type.

7. Ashley Quirke (Committee Member) – Bulbasaur


Bulbasaur has always been my favorite Pokémon! From first generation onwards, none have won over my heart more than the little dinosaur with a bulb on his back. Not only is he adorable, his evolution, Venusaur, actually great in competitive play. Bulbasaur is number one in the pokedex, and number one in my books as well.

8. Nathaniel Leon (Committee Member) – Raichu


I never got to play much of Pokémon gen 1 for sibling reasons, but I was a big fan of the Pokémon show and an even bigger fan of the toys. When I saw Surge’s Raichu for the first time I was turned off by how much of a bully he was, I soon became obsessed with the design of the big brother of Pokémon’s iconic mascot. Raichu had cute little swirls at the bottom of his ears, little punch hands, big rabbit feet – for speed, a young Nathaniel decided – and my favourite part, his tail. Upon examining a Raichu figurine I was enamored with the giant lightning bolt at the end of a whip like tail, and imagined Raichu using it to batter its opponents as electricity ran through it. I named the imaginary move for my favourite Pokémon Thunder Axe. Since then I was obsessed, going so far as to demand to go as Raichu for Halloween, to which my mother graciously hand made a costume for me.

9. Clint Gould (Committee Member) – Alakazam


Psychic was my favourite type because of how powerful it was in Gen 1. One of my favourites to use was Kadabra, but I wanted an Alakazam. Being one of four Pokémon at the time that can only evolve via trade, getting one was no easy task; however, it happened when I was in junior high while out to lunch. It was a big deal not because of its immense power, but it served as a bridge between two fans of Pokémon much greater than a Link Cable. Alakazam holds more than two spoons. It also holds a special place in my heart when it comes to early Pokémon memories.

10. Jeff Smyth (Board Member) – MissingNo


While not technically a Pokémon, Missingno holds the unique title of being a “legendary” Pokémon that should never have existed. Born from the glitchy side of Cinnabar Island, after a visit to a caffeine-starved old man, Missingno fell into the hearts of Poké-fans. Especially when they discovered this “Bird” type Pokémon could either grant you an unbelievable bounty of supplies, or corrupt your save data. Talk about a gamble more exciting than the Celadon Game Corner.

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