Fire Emblem Fates: The Marriage System that has no Boundaries.

By: Jillian Thistle


I love games like The Sims or Harvest Moon where you can make characters fall in love, get married and have kids and I was pretty excited for the relationships when it came to one of my favourite series. However, Fire Emblem Fates has the marriage system get a little bit sleazy and full of semi-incest.

For Fire Emblem: Fates, the main Character finds out that they are not related to their family and gets to decide if they want to side with their adopted family or birth family in an upcoming war. Surprisingly enough if you play Fire Emblem: Fates and choose your adopted family you can marry them! That’s right, you’ve been raised to believe they are your beloved family your whole life, you love them in a brotherly or sisterly way. But apparently learning you don’t share blood means it’s time to share a bed. Although it’s not technically incest, could you imagine suddenly finding out you’re not related to your sibling, most people’s reaction would not be “Great, now I can marry you!” In Fire Emblem: Birthright, you can also marry your blood relatives if you choose their side, so then we have normal incest and though it is explained later on, it is still kind of confusing and twisted in the way that it is so easily accepted. Of course the family is royal, I guess they just want to keep it in the family like real royal families used to wed.


You can almost feel the non awkward love!

Love also doesn’t seem to have any age restrictions. In Conquest you can marry your fighting teacher, who appears to be at least in his late 50s. Although you’re not given an age of your avatar, you can judge by the appearances of your siblings, which would put your avatar at about age 18-25. It’s legal but that doesn’t make it not gross. Luckily you can’t pair him up with any other character.

The way the marriage system works into the game is funny. Characters get “support” when the battle with each other, then they get married once they have enough support. The couple that slays together, stays together. In my copy of the game I stopped playing the story mode to repeat a DLC map and grind support. So I stopped in the middle of a war, stopped trying to appease dad, and got my character and 7 others knocked up. I even made the crown prince get married and got him to have a kid without his father’s approval. Story wise the marriage system is a bit silly and the King would likely be pretty unhappy to find out his has 5 grandchildren and wasn’t even invited to a wedding.

The marriage system is weird, and messes up the story, but it is pretty funny at times and some of the stories between couples are cute. So despite its flaws it’s a nice addition to a long running game series.

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One Response to Fire Emblem Fates: The Marriage System that has no Boundaries.

  1. p2d2 says:

    I see what your saying, but no I couldn’t see a relationship like that. Personally, to me, that’s disturbing knowing that if someone had those thoughts before you knew you were not related to them and then things happen. Adopted or step family, while not normal, it’s perfectly acceptable in my book. That’s like having feeling for a family friend that comes by the house all the time or a roommate, those things happen.


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