Get Excited! NGX 2016 is Coming: Talking About this year’s Newfoundland Gaming Expo

By: Ashley Quirke and John Michael Bennett


Since 2014, Sandbox Gaming has been hosting the annual Newfoundland Gaming Expo. The expo is a weekend of gaming-themed fun, including tournaments, casual play, panels and contests. This year, Sandbox Gaming will host the 3rd annual Newfoundland Gaming Expo—or as we like to call it, #NGX2016—and this one promises to be bigger and better than ever!

So what’s new at this year’s expo? First off, a big thanks to our diamond partner, College of the North Atlantic, NGX 2016 is going to be the biggest NGX we’ve ever had…literally! That’s right, this year we’re moving over to CAN. There will be plenty of space for all the new and exciting things we have in the works. The added space makes it easier for us to compartmentalize all our activities in to different areas, which is great for our event goes too!

Extra space makes planning what parts of the event you’d like to attend a breeze! Another added bonus to the extra space; if you’re planning on bringing a kid to the event, we have some great news! Our kid’s corner is going to be much, much bigger this year. In fact, it’ll be a whole room. There will be even more fun activities for them to enjoy! Many of us here at Sandbox Gaming wish that something like this existed when we were younger, and we want gamers of all ages to enjoy the expo to the fullest. While kids are able to go to any of our rooms, this room is specifically for children 12 and under, so that activities will revolve around them and provide fair competition for that age group.

Worried we’re not going to include some of your favorite activities? Fear not! We’ll still have lots of your favorite activities from years past, including a whole room dedicated to Smash Bros—along with tournaments! See you in Smash 4, Pokemon tournaments, and all kinds of trading card games. That’s not all the tournaments we have planned, just a select few we’re mentioning right now. A bigger venue also means more space for casual play setups, so even if competitive gaming isn’t your thing, we got you covered.

Speaking of casual play, this year we’re bringing back the table-top gaming room. It’s going to be bigger and better than ever. We’ll feature loads of board games for you and your friends/family to pick up and play. Really want to try a game, but not sure how it works? No problem! We’ll have volunteers available to help you learn how to play. Of course, we’ll also have some campaigns and tournament times planned a little closer to as well.

The expo will have both scheduled and pick-up-and-play gaming. What that means is that some tournaments will specific times, which require you to sign up in advance. But if you have time to kill, we’ll have plenty of TVs set up for you to just pick-up-and-play while you wait.

We have an area dedicated to 3DS tournaments, streetpass, trading card games, and so much more. Plus, for the first time ever, we’ll be featuring a Hearthstone tournament at NGX.

And if all that isn’t enough to get you hyped up, did I mention there is a costume contest? Our costume contest is back and better than ever! It’s going to look fantastic on CNA’s huge stage too! So get working on your costume! This is your opportunity to show off your hard work. Don’t feel like going up on stage? No problem. Costumes are welcome, even encouraged, all weekend! So you can just dress up as your favorite character for fun!

Two rooms will be dedicated to workshops and panels that will feature all kinds of gaming related topics, including hearing from game developers, YouTube content creators, and much more.

Sounds pretty great right? Come check it out July 22 – 24, 2016 at College of the North Atlantic; Prince Philip Drive campus! It’ll be our biggest and best Newfoundland Gaming Expo yet!

Have a suggestion for a tournament or panel at the expo? Email us at

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