Digimon Cyber Sleuth finally comes to the West

By: James Reid


The latest game in the beloved anime-turned-game franchise, Digimon Cyber Sleuth, has finally been released outside of Japan and Digimon fans worldwide couldn’t be happier. The game was first announced for Japan release in December of 2013. Shortly after this initial announcement, fans made a petition on change.org to get the game, and the most recent Digimon game at the time, localized in North America and Europe. A little over two years later, the game was released for Playstation Vita and Playstation 4 on February 2, 2016.

The game’s plot starts off with a great opening but quickly takes a step back and slows down to a more side-quest driven story. This part of the game, albeit not the most story heavy, is still extremely enjoyable and never feels boring or overdone. A little less than halfway through the game’s 20 chapters, the story starts to pick up and develops into an interesting and fun plot. At this point, the game even starts to bring back characters and short one quest storylines from earlier in the game and develops them into a much bigger part of the game’s main storyline. The game also gives off a similar feel to that of the Persona series in both combat and design.

The gameplay is a based off a pretty basic turn-based RPG system, which is actually way too easy for most of the game. The only hard battles being in the late game side-quests and in the free downloadable content (DLC). If you’re really big on turn-based combat in games, then you might want to play on the harder difficulty. That being said, if you’re like me, you’ll get most of your enjoyment out of the game by leveling and “Digi-volving” your Digimon to try and catch em’ all! Wait, wrong franchise.

This game provides different levels of fun depending on why you’re interested in playing it. If you’re looking for a good turn-based RPG, then this is a pretty decent one with simple mechanics. If you’re a long time Digimon fan, then you’ll love getting to Digi-volve your favourites from the past and revisit a world you love. I myself am still a huge Digimon fan, and a fan of turn-based games, so this ended up being a perfect game for me, and with over 85 hours in-game, and plans to play more in the future, this was a worthy purchase for me. If any of this interests you at all, I would definitely recommend giving this game a shot.

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