Fallout 4: 2016 DLC Collection

By Sarah White


Fallout 4 took the gaming world by storm when it was released in November, 2015. Even though it has been less than a year, it is still a popular game for many gamers. One way to keep the games still exciting and new, there have been DLC’s that have been released during this year. I decided to talk about the DLC’s that have now been released, so that others know what DLC’s are the best for whatever kind of addition you are looking for in a game.


The first installment to the growing list of Fallout 4 DLCs is Automatron. This DLC is effectively a new quest line with a handful of new robotic enemies that are trying to kill you. It is effectively adding new quests and enemies to the already existing Commonwealth, rather than adding a new landmass or location.

Regardless, Automatron is a fun short DLC that is worth the money for even casual players. The DLC adds the Robot Workbench addition to all the settlements. These workbenches allow you to build and customize your own robot companion friend (by default in the DLC you are given the companion Ada, however you can turn her from a slow walking dainty blue rust bucket into a sentry bot if you wish).

The main plotline of Automatron involves helping Ada track down the infamous Mechanist – the leader of the evil robots previously mentioned. I won’t go into detail about the plotline but it is a fun quest to see through until the end.

The DLC also adds a small handful of new weapons including the Tesla Rifle which was actually built from a robot arm (as you’ll see many times during the loading screen… seriously, you’ll see it a lot).

Wasteland Workshop

The second DLC to hit Fallout 4 was really for those who enjoyed micromanaging the various settlements with the Minutemen (if you decided to help them more than the minimum required amount that is). Wasteland Workshop adds additional structures and miscellaneous items that can be crafted inside the settlements. And that’s really all there is too it.

It’s definitely the smallest of the three DLC’s to be released this year and it’s for obvious reason. The DLC doesn’t really affect the gameplay or plot, it’s just a nice little addition for those of us who wanted to build better houses and expand our creativity.
Seriously, if you don’t enjoy the micromanaging don’t bother with this DLC.

Far Harbor


Far Harbor is the biggest of the three currently available DLCs for Fallout 4. Unlike Automatron which just adds a new quest line and enemies throughout the Commonwealth, Far Harbor introduces a new landmass which is accessible through the most north-easterly part of the map.

As per any Fallout storyline, even this DLC includes new factions to participate with: The Children of Atom, Arcadia, as well as Far Harbor itself. These three factions have various opinions about the current happenings in Far Harbor, so it’s up to you whose side you’re going to take in all of this. Besides these factions and their main quest, there’s a handful of side quests and lots to explore (plus for those of you who like to micromanage there’s some pretty cool new settlements on the island).

There’s also new enemies, primarily the gulpers and anglers which are dangerous amphibian mutations. And let me say, they’re pretty damn strong so don’t go into this DLC without a high enough level, or plan to lower your difficulty.

Far Harbor includes new weapons and armor that again, centre around the marine aspect of the environment. There’s a new melee weapon that, for any boaters out there, you’ll recognize it. There’s lots of harpoon guns kicking around and even lobster trap helmets.

All in all, this particular DLC blew any expectations I had out of the water.

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