Feathery Justice: Aviary Attorney brings Meaning to Fight or Flight

By: Ashley Quirke

avairy attorney 1

If you’re a fan of Phoenix Wright – or just a bird lover, like myself, then you’ll be hooked on Aviary Attorney by Sketchy Logic Games. You play as Jayjay Falcon, the owner and operator of Aviary Attorney, who, along with his pun-loving assistant Sparrowson, do their best to solve the crimes of 1840’s Paris.

As the pair scours the city for clues, they are met with some absolutely delightful and memorable characters. From nervous rabbit prosecutors, to pompous lion aristocrats, to cocky rooster rivals. Each character very much has their own personality, which adds a lot of flavor to a very dialogue heavy game. Because of this, it’s not a slog to get through all the text. It’s a lot of fun to read through and see what each character has to say. There are puns aplenty, dad jokes, and even Phoenix Wright references – Step ladders anyone?

avairy attorney 2

The puns never end, and I love it!

Speaking of Phoenix Wright, the game plays very similarly to it, with an investigation phase followed by a trial phase. Each case gives the player a certain number of days to investigate a number of areas. It’s up to the player to decide where to visit, who to question, and what to do with the information. Normally, each area visited costs a day of investigation time, so players must choose wisely in order to accomplish as much as they can before trial day.

Aviary Attorney is one of those games where a player’s choices and decisions affect the outcome of the game. There are multiple endings, some good, some… not so good. The game is forgiving, thankfully, in that you can re-play any day of the game that you want at any point in time. If you get an undesired ending to a trial, it’s nothing to go back in time and fix your mistake! JUSTICE FOR ALL!

So whether you’re a die-hard Phoenix Wright fan who’s looking for a game in a similar vein, a super sleuth in the making, or (like me) just someone who loves birds, I cannot recommend this game enough. Between the colorful characters, interesting cases an incredible humor, you won’t be disappointed!


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