Pokémon Retrospective: Yellow

By Tim Parsons


Game Freak’s next step in the Pokémon franchise took heavy inspiration from the Pokémon anime, in that it’s Red & Blue with an anime makeover.

Once again you play a ten-year-old boy, but instead of getting one of 3 starters, you start off with a Pikachu that follows you around. Your new friend travels with you, and becomes more friendly, the more battles you win. You’re able to get all three of the starters throughout the game, and instead of one of the original three starters, your Rival gets an Eevee at the start, the evolution of this Eevee depends on which battles you win or lose against him. Team Rocket also get Jessie & James from the anime, and the gym leaders have different teams to reflect their anime counterparts.

There’s actually a mini-game that I found myself addicted to. By getting a Pikachu that can use surf, you can play a surfing game similar to Excitebike. You control Pikachu as they ride the waves, doing flips and tricks along the way. The more flips you do, the more points you get, but the game starts moving faster. It’s a small feature, but a fun mini-game none the less.

Besides those few changes, there isn’t much I can say about it since everything else is similar to Red & Blue, but I find that I like Pokémon Yellow a little bit more for the few changes it makes to the original games. The differences while small help to make it still feel like a new game and give you different opportunities in the Pokémon world.

Pokemon Yellow get 3 Pokeballs out of 5.


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One Response to Pokémon Retrospective: Yellow

  1. Mr. Panda says:

    I sometimes forget that Yellow had that surfing minigame. That was pretty neat actually! When I was younger, I loved how this game was a bit closer to the anime, though honestly not by much. Jessie and James was a nice addition, and having Pikachu follow you and talk (with sound bytes haha) was welcome too!


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