DLCs Transform Destiny into the Game We All Wanted

By Sarah White


When I first played Destiny I wasn’t overwhelmed with a sense of excitement, I wasn’t itching to go back and play the game again and again for hours on end. When I first played Destiny it felt like I was playing a subpar unfinished game. I tried to follow the games plot, but that only left me scratching my head. Some of the game mechanics didn’t make sense to me, what was strength, discipline and intellect?  What are all these things I can’t buy because I don’t have the required rank which I’ve never heard of? For all the hype that built up around Destiny prior to its release, the end project was lackluster.

The other week I took a stroll through EB Games looking for a game to pick up and play during my two week break between semester and work term. Then I saw Destiny: The Taken King which included the Dark Below, House of Wolves as well as The Taken King itself. So I bought it. When I began the first DLC, the Dark Below, I wasn’t expecting much of anything. Just more of the same game I played before. I’m going to try my best to articulate why I felt that I was suddenly playing a different game.

After I completed the first couple of missions, it felt like I was playing the real version of Destiny. The one they promised in the trailers and all the promo before they released the shell of the game that I ended up playing. It felt like the core mechanics of the game itself had changed – when in actuality it hadn’t. I found that before I played the DLCs, it was very hard to level up by replaying old missions or doing the uneventful patrol missions. I didn’t often play in the Crucible – an online arena, Team Death Match or Free for All type matches, because I knew my character was not well equipped to fight against stronger players, despite the level advantages being turned off. I did not play strikes because I found them extremely difficult and ultimately it wasn’t fun.


But with the addition of new quests and new storylines to follow, suddenly following the games plot didn’t seem so taxing. The new quests opened up new doors and new opportunities to level up and grow your character to its fullest extent. I was levelling up with ease and progressing my way through the plot of the various DLCs and before I realized it, I hit the max level. I think this was in part to some updates that had been made to the game to allow users to level up their character by experience and not purely by their Light level.

It was then that I realized the game really comes to life once you’ve hit the level cap at 40. When you’re level 40, you have access to all the best gear which can improve your Light – another factor which dictates how difficult your quests are, as most usually show a recommended Light level. Once you have a high enough Light level, new strikes and events are available that are tagged as level 41 or 42 that would give even the best players a challenge.


My advice to anyone who, perhaps, hasn’t played the game yet – buy the DLCs with the game. Otherwise you’re going to be like I was, feeling like you just played this unfinished product that leaves a sour taste in your mouth. This is a game where the DLC does in fact add to the game – for those of you who read one of my earlier articles on DLCs. It can be argued that in the case of Destiny, the DLCs complete the game for someone who maybe isn’t as interested in the competitive online modes.

All in all, the DLCs for Destiny far surpassed my expectations for them. So far in fact I’m probably going to buy the latest DLC Rise of Iron when it comes out on the 20th – something that surprised me when I realized I wanted to buy it.

Destiny (before DLCs) – 5/10

Destiny (after DLCs) – 8.5/10

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