Exclusive Experience at the Toronto Nintendo Switch Event

By: Jillian Thistle


With the release of the new Nintendo Switch on March 3rd, Nintendo has taken the switch to a few major cities to show fans what the new console will look like. Toronto, ON, Canada was one of those lucky cities, and for the whole weekend they had the switch. On Friday and Saturday it was invite only, but on Sunday any true fan who was willing to wait was able to experience and try a few games from the Switch. I was fortunately lucky enough and wanted to retell of my experience.


To get into the Nintendo Switch event was an ordeal itself. I arrived at 7:15am, Nintendo asked people not arrive before 7am, which at least 500 individuals must have ignored. By the time 8am hit they put up signs saying that they were at full capacity so there was no point in anyone else lining up. When I finally reached the front it was after 9am and all the passes for 10am were gone but I managed to get one from 1-3 and a neat Nintendo switch pin. At 12pm they started herding us into a large room so a line up could be properly attempted to get into the shows room. And at 1pm the line started moving.

When we went up some stairs they had a huge room built into the convention centre with dimmed lights and flashing purple and blue lights. Each game was set up at different stations with multiple Nintendo brand ambassadors at each station to guide you and through the demos or games. They had a large stage set up that they called up volunteers to play on and gave out some neat prizes. I loved the idea of the stage because it gave me something to watch while I was waiting in line up. Sadly, because the Zelda demos were 20 minutes long they gave tickets to the first few people to reach the booth, being towards the end of the line meant I didn’t get one. But I still got to experience a lot of other great things for the switch, these are some of my experiences of the games I got to play.

Console and controllers:


The Switch console was a lot smaller than I expected it would be in person and it’s quite thin. I can easily see myself fitting it in my purse and taking to a friend’s house or on a long commute. The joy con was micro. I had to keep looking at the button to see what was what, I feel like it’ll feel more natural in time.

I found the controller felt very solid but I can see young children smashing them easily. The different placement of the joy sticks on the left and right controller didn’t bother me in game play at all, I didn’t even notice the difference. The Switch Pro controller was prefect, it looks a lot like the Wii-U pro, and for a small system the pro controller was very solid.

1 2 Switch:


This was the game I wanted to play most. It seemed interesting and like a lot of fun to play with friends. Nick and I each got a Joy Con and two ambassadors showed us the cow milking game and the “marble” game. For the cow milking game, we both had to move the joy con like we were milking a cow. It made me feel really dumb, and it was pretty weird, so I feel like it would be great party game where you can poke fun at your friends.

The second game was the marble one. This felt more like a showcase of the HD rumble feature then a game to me. The joy con rumbled in a way that when you tilted it, it felt like there were little marbles moving in the controller. The point of the game was to guess how many marbles. Nick guessed right, I did not. It was pretty neat to see why I was wrong though, I held the joy con on a slant which was similar to having marbles in a box and turning the box so it’s corner is the lowest point, so the “marbles” clashed off each other often and made it seem like there was more in the “box”. Weird game, but it was pretty cool to see how impressive the joy con’s rumble is, especially since it was a big part of their presentation in January, and just how much the switch and its new controllers can do.

Splatoon 2:

We played this game with the Switch’s pro controller. The controller felt very natural to me and the tilt controller weren’t too hard to work with. We only got to play two matches but I really enjoyed them. I was very into Splatoon when it launched and it feels very much the same but a few enhancements to some of the weapons weak points. I played one round with a new weapon, it was similar to the first games splatter shot, its special was the new rocket pack. I enjoyed how balanced the weapon is. For a few seconds you’re high in the air and can fire large blasts of paint around, but once you’re done you start back at the same location you took off from, so while you’re strong for a few second someone can easily wait and splat you the second you’re done.

Next I played with the familiar roller. I found it was a bit slower than it was in the first game, however since I only played once I can’t be sure. Its new special attack was my favourite. You slam down and make a large semi-circle of paint splash around you. As a roller player in the first game I found that whenever I noticed someone was behind me I was helpless due to the slow turning speed of the roller, this really helps fix that weakness. I know that Splatoon 2 is going to be one of the main reasons I get a Switch.



As much as everyone likes to laugh at Nintendo’s new IP you shouldn’t knock it until you try it. Arms was very fun. I didn’t get to play long enough to get to learn how to play well but it was fun. A downside to the game is that you need two sets of joy con to play it, and besides matches against your friends there doesn’t seem to be much content. I’d like to keep my eye on this game and see what else is added to it, and what type of solo play is added. I can see this game being a lot of fun at tournaments or another great party game with friends.

Has Been Heroes:

I was looking forward to this game after seeing it played on the Nintendo treehouse and was very disappointed. I believe that the main reason I didn’t like the game was because of the girl that showed me how to play. Her teaching guide was press this, press that, and the game will do that. She showed me everything in the controls in less than 10 seconds and then didn’t pay attention to me clearly not getting the controls right. Nick had a better time with the game but wasn’t very impressed. I’m hoping to see more of this and maybe hear a price point before I decide if I’ll give it another try.

Snipper Clips:

Out of all the games I played this will likely be the one I get first when I get a Switch. At a price point of 25 US it’s half of the price of a full game because it has less content. I’ve always been a fan of puzzle games and I loved how Nick and I had to work together to solve the puzzles. It reminded me of portal 2’s co-op campaign but more cut and less yelling at each other. We got stuck in a level because we dropped a key item and couldn’t see to pick it back up and the game timed out. All in all, it was cute, fun, and a relaxing puzzle experience and a great new addition to Nintendo games.


I got to play this for one minute and 40 seconds. All I can say is its bomber man, it’s fun, and the revenge carts make me very excited to play with a large group of friends. It will also be a great addition to the games that are coming out for the Switch. Having another Bomberman game is always a bonus!

In the end, this experience has made me even more excited for the arrival of the switch. I have been excitedly waiting for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but all the other games seem more than worth it as well! I know that I cannot wait for March 3rd.


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