The Sandbox Post is a spin-off project from volunteers, committee members, and board members of Sandbox Gaming, Incorporated. The purpose of the project is to allow volunteers to write news stories, blogs, and reviews related to gaming and gaming-culture.

Many of the volunteers and contributors are first-time writers and no members of the team are paid for their work–like all elements of Sandbox Gaming, it is all volunteer! A

Sandbox is a place of unlimited possibilities, and where our writing takes us, nobody knows…

Disclaimer: Opinions/blogs are the opinions of the individual writers and are not the opinion of The Sandbox Post or Sandbox Gaming, Inc.

John Michael Bennett – president@sandboxgaming.org


John is a communications professional and a graduate of Memorial University. He has worked for numerous publications, including Maclean’s and The Muse, where he served as Editor-in-Chief for two years. Now he works for non-profits, and volunteers most of his spare time with Sandbox Gaming, as well as this new side project–The Sandbox Post.


Rachel Frederick


Rachel recently graduated from Memorial University has a Bachelor of Arts in History and Archaeology, as well as a Bachelor of Education in the Primary/Elementary field. Currently working as a substitute teacher, she uses her love of community and childhood learning to further SBG’s goals, and wanted to help with the new Sandbox Post project as a means for younger volunteers to develop new skills and knowledge.

James Reid


James just completed his first year at Memorial University, and serves as a committee member with Sandbox Gaming, as well as having served one year as the Assistant Coordinator of the MUN Branch of SBG. James wanted to contribute to the Sandbox Post project to develop new skills, as well as to hone and better his communications skills.

Production and Web Manager

Sarah Butt – sarahbutt@sandboxgaming.org


Sarah works in various fields in the business world, and recently completed her Bachelor of Business Commerce. She has served as both the Production Manager and Business Manager at the Muse. Sarah served on the Sandbox Gaming Board of Directors for four years, and now serves at the Committee Level.

Associate Editors

Sarah White


Sarah is currently an Engineering student at Memorial University. Growing up, she was always playing video games with her friends. It was a great way to pass the time, and years later, it’s a new way to relieve stress and network with others. She has always had a passion for writing and when it came to the Sandbox Post, she jumped at the opportunity to help out.

Dylan Hardy

Dylan Hardy

 Dylan is currently a Physics and Mathematics student at Memorial University. An avid gamer and board gamer, Dylan has always been one to talk about video games. He now wants to give back to the Sandbox Gaming Community even more by working with the Sandbox Post by reviewing games and board games he has played.


Regular Contributors

Ashley Quirke


Ashley has completed both a Biology degree and a GIS Diploma at Memorial University and plans to return to pursue a Masters Degree. She serves as a committee member with Sandbox Gaming, and volunteered with Sandbox Post to improve her writing skills as well as to help raise awareness about this awesome organization.


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